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Content Marketing
5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How Plugon Can Help
Oct 8 2018
Content marketing is the new king when it comes to online marketing. Indeed, 89-percent of startups say that they use content marketing and an eye-popping 66-percent say that it was a significant factor in helping their business grow. What this means is that consumers want content that is both relevant and meaningful, i.e. something that speaks to them on a personal level. The days of overselling and unsubtle advertising are well and truly gone – today personalized, real content is king.
Augmented Reality, AI
Tech Trends Content Creators Need to Pay Attention To
Sep 22 2018
The article describes top trends that should be used by creative professionals to leverage the latest technology to their advantage. These include the use of digital platforms to share and distribute work, AR/VR, and use of AI to discover, curate and create content.
Digital Marketing
Why Use Plugon to Promote Your Kickstarter Project?
Sep 6 2018
The world of Kickstarter isn’t an easy one to master. After all, you’ve got countless other projects to try and compete with, and it’s not easy to engage an audience when there’s so much noise on a platform. But it’s still vital to do so because without those backers you can’t realize your project. So, how is one to promote a Kickstarter and get real results?
Augmented Reality
The Manufacturer
Augmented Reality in service: Ready for the prime time?
Aug 2 2018
In the not too distant future, servitization, in the sense of product-as-a-service (PaaS), enabled by digitalisation and based on platforms will become ubiquitous. Integrating Augmented Reality into a company's processes and operations will offer immense benefits in productivity and user engagement...
Digital Marketing
How important is visual content to marketing?
May 25 2018
If you’ve been keeping pace with the latest marketing trends over the last year, you’ll no doubt have heard that visual content is on the rise. But does it really matter to your overall strategy? The short answer is yes. The way customers consume data is changing and there’s now a huge amount of value in providing content that’s visual, with video leading the way. It’s a trend that online businesses can’t afford to ignore if they want to ...
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
PR Daily
Why PR pros should consider immersive storytelling
May 16 2018
The tremendous pace of digitalization of our society is making it imperative for all businesses to make changes in their processes. This is true for journalists and communicators as well, so they can embrace these new trends and make it easy for their audiences to consume the content in their own way.
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
This Vital Storytelling Principle Is the Key to Producing Great VR and AR Content
May 8 2018
"Narrative Potential" is a storytelling principle of using opportunities in immersive environments to promote user engagement. Read on for some of the ways you can use this technique to engage your users.
Content Marketing
2018’s biggest content marketing trends
Apr 26 2018
Content marketing has rapidly gone from an unheard of task just a few businesses experimented with to something that brands deem essential. But content marketing is still evolving, and research suggests that if you want to stay at the forefront producing meaningful content should be considered a top priority in 2018...
Artificial Intelligence
How will artificial intelligence transform marketing in the next decade?
Mar 27 2018
Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer technology out of a sci-fi movie. It’s rapidly developing, and it’s set to change almost every industry. It should come as no surprise to marketers, that it’s a tech development that’s going to shake-up the sector over the next ten years. We’ve identified five marketing areas where artificial intelligence is expected to have a huge impact and influence how businesses connect with consumers....
Augmented Reality
Six Ways Augmented Reality Will Matter Beyond Puppy Selfies
Mar 8 2018
With the rapid proliferation of smart phones, AR is increasingly becoming a “magic lens” for viewing the world and enhancing our experiences, in various areas such as gaming, education and art.
Augmented Reality, Content Marketing
How are marketers using Augmented Reality?
Feb 22 2018
Over the course of the last 12 to 18 months, the rapid pace of development in augmented reality technology has opened doors in a wide range of industries. Many marketers have been quick to react and the most forward thinking are already finding unique and creative ways to integrate AR into their digital marketing strategies...
Augmented Reality
3 Ways Augmented Reality Will Find Its Way Into Your Life in 2018 and Beyond
Jan 31 2018
Augmented Reality research and advancements over the last few years are rapidly transforming it from a dreamy concept for the future as seen in sci-fi movies, down to real applications in our everyday lives. Predictions are that by 2025, 500 million AR devices will be sold, and assist us in various aspects of our lives, including health care, retail, and marketing.
Augmented Reality
4 reasons Plugon should be part of your 2018 marketing strategy
Jan 23 2018
Innovation is the lifeblood of digital marketing and with increased competition for social media likes, search engine rankings and influencer attention across almost every imaginable sector, finding new ways to improve your strategy and expand your reach is critical. The integration of augmented reality technology within the marketing industry provides a wide range of new opportunities to engage with consumers in more varied and much more interesting ways...
Machine Learning
Machine Learning Can Help B2B Firms Learn More About Their Customers
Harvard Business Review
Jan 19 2018
New advancements in machine learning, neural networks, and AI-based methods are enabling data scientists to extract precise information that enables pattern identification for purposes of predictive sales and marketing models. These techniques are helping B2B companies gather better data on their customers, and catch up with their B2C peers.
Augmented Reality
What should we expect from Augmented Reality in the next 12 months?
Jan 4 2018
Advancements in augmented reality over the last few years have been a catalyst for amazing developments across a range of industries including entertainment social media and mobile technology. First made popular by social media platforms such as Snapchat, AR has come a long way from its mainstream origins as a way to make selfies more fun. Here are some of the things we should expect from AR in the next 12 months across a range of industries...
Augmented Reality
4 Industries That Augmented Reality Will Take Over in 2018
Nov 29 2017
With the rapid increase in use of digital images and marketing, AR will be a major player in the near future. This exciting technology will help many industries find new avenues for sales and marketing, by superimposing our digital world on to the real one, and greatly enhancing users' experiences. According to Orbis Research, the AR market is anticipated to reach $7 trillion by 2027.
Content Marketing
Plugon Content Marketing- A New Edge For Realtors
Oct 11 2017
It doesn’t take a huge leap to understand that images and video are the number one sources for driving traffic online. Industries such as real estate that depend on images to draw both vendors and purchasers rely heavily on effective imaging and video online to thrive. Aside from the images used to illustrate their product (houses, buildings, off plan sales etc..) on their websites, it is the effective distribution of these images using other online channels that will determine how effective any online marketing ...
Augmented Reality
Traditional Businesses that could be Reinvigorated by AR
Sep 21 2017
In recent years, traditionally strong business sectors such as automotive, retail, and healthcare are facing many challenges through technology disruption. However, hope seems to be on the horizon, and offered by the same disruptive technologies in the field of Augmented Reality. This article explores and provided insights into how these negative trends can be reversed and these industries reinvigorated by AR, a rapidly growing field.

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